Can anyone help us with the dates and names for the following pictures?

The above three photographs have been sent Ray Bradon and come from his Great-Uncle Daniel Bacon collection, can anyone help with names and location?  As the windows in the cottage are taped we presume they date from the 2nd World War.

We know that the picture was taken behind The Plough and we have had confirmed from the Post Office museum that the uniforms that the two men are wearing are postal workers from 1900-1920.  (Thanks Steve for your time and effort on this one.)    William Ralling is the Postman on the right and the man with the bucket and stick in the centre maybe John Plum.  Any suggestions on the rest?  And what were they doing?

Back row from left  Conrad Chapman, Bill Wiseman jnr, Joe Hayes, William Ralling.

Middle Row from left   ???,  Fred Backler,  ???, Henry Coote, Ron Kendall.

Front row from left  ???, Bill Wiseman snr, Eddie Hinton

The above picture is of Birdbrook Cricket Team we think from the 1930's.  Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Hunt we have just three names left to find.

The above picture is of Dr Alfred Young, Rector of Birdbrook from 1910 to 1940, with the ladies of Birdbrook.  Was this the beginnings of Birdbrook Ladies Club or maybe the WI?  Can anyone help us with names or a date?  We think it is from the 1930s.

Ray Bradon has contacted us and he believes the lady in the front row 2nd from the right is his Great Grand Mother Sarah Rawlings.

Mr. & Mrs. Hunt have helped us with a few names, Back row 3rd from left Mrs. Dan Ralling, right end Eva Metson, next row in line with Dr. Young 3rd from left Mrs. Stephen Chapman, next row right end Edith Young, left end Sarah Metson, front row left Dot Fitch, 4th from right Daisy Wiseman nee Hinton,  3rd from right Daisy Mary Percival and the small child maybe her one of sons, 2nd from right Sarah Rawlings, right Mrs. Monty Plum.

Has anyone any pictures or information on Birdbrook Station?  We are struggling to find pictures that are not copyrighted.

Moat Road, is there any pictures? Or was only The Street photographed.

We are also looking for information on the US bomber crash and wartime Birdbrook.

Christine Smith would like to hear from anyone who can remember her grandparents Grace & Percy Hitchcock. Grace was Birdbrook schools headmistress in the 1920's.

 Please contact us if you have anything that might be of interest to us,

Thank you everyone for your help so far.