Moyns Park House

Engraving by Thomas Wright from his book 'History of Essex' published in 1831

Moyns Park House is a Grade 1 listed Elizabethan mansion being the home of the Gent family for many generations until the late 19th century.  today it is home to the Gardiner family who purchased it from Baron Steven Bentinck in 2001. Village folklore likes to link Ian Flemming and the Bond books to the house, as he was a close friend of the owner Ivar Bryce and was supposedly a regular visitor in the 1950's The house has also been the set for many Hammer Horror movies.

This fantastic picture has been sent to us by David James, we have no date but it is from a time when winters were cold enough to skate on the inner moat!  The following two picture were taken with the kind permission of Mr. & Mrs. Gardiner and are from roughly the same view point.



Very old picture, shame it's not clearer. Anyone any ideas on a date? 


Crowning of the may Queen on the lawn in front of the house.  This picture is part of the collection from Mrs Browne so we presume the date would be sometimes in the 1930's.

The House viewed from the west.  We have no date.

The year is 1959 and American Burl Ives entertains the crowds at Birdbrook Legion Fete in the grounds of Moyns Park.  Burl Ives became a well known folk/country singer recording many albums.  He was also a film and radio actor, winning an Acadamey award for Best Supporting Actor in 'The Big Country'.

The cutting comes from the Halstead Gazette and sent to us by David James.






Sadly the farm shop has closed it used to sell organic produce grown in the 4 acre vegetable garden and large glass house.  There is also an apple orchard which has many rare old English varieties.  Logs are available per truck load.

For more imformation contact  or telephone  01440 730396

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