Rose Villas 


Rose Villas was built, according to the plaque, in 1892.


The above picture is when 1, Rose Villas was the Post Office. We have no date but it is before the side extension was built to house the Post Office.  The sale notice below is dated January 1947 and describes the extension as 'a very useful addition' and 'formerly used as the Post Office'.

Also notice that there was no mains water, the 'nearby Village water pump' was found on the triangle of grass at the top of Fell Road/Moart Road/The Street.  The concrete slab marks the site of the pump and is clearly visible today.



The following comes from 'Birdbrook with Sturmer Parish News' July 1968:

 Funeral of Mrs. Bennett

This is a name that will mean nothing to most of you, even when it is explained that Mrs. Bennett was formerly Mrs. Mann and, before that Miss Mary Eliza Stubbings of Brooklyn in Birdbrook Street.  Her first husband, Mr. Robert Mann, died as long ago as 1913 and the deanery magazine of this time had in it a little note on his early death; thus:- "All of us sympathise with Mrs. Mann in the loss of her husband, and with Mr. and Mrs. Stubbings in the loss of their son-in-law.  It was long known that he could not recover from the malady from which he suffered, but a parting is not less bitter because it is expected."

There are a few people still about who remember Mr. Enoch Stubbings living in the house he had built in Birdbrook and they were probably not surprised that his daughter should be brought from Saffron Walden for burial here.  She was 88 years old.

Wren Cottage

 Mrs. Hunt standing at her garden gate in the late 1950's when it was still two cottages.  Picture thanks to David James.

Prospect Place


David James's grandmother had owned all three cottages but when this picture was taken in 1958 he thinks she had sold the one nearest the road.

1961 and David James first car, a Renault D, with rear view of Prospect Place in the backgound.

Scruby's Yard

Scruby's Yard was demolished shortly after this picture was taken in 1961/1962 to make way for Mrs. Jower's shop. The gentleman is Mr. William (Billy) Ager who lived at 2, Prospect Place.  Mr & Mrs Scruby lived in Moorhen Cottage with their four children Vic, Tom, Joan and Jean.  Picture David James.

Ivy Cottage

Ivy Cottage was between Moorhen Cottage and Brook House, probably where Brook House garage is today.  David James, who sent us the picture, can remember visiting the cottage in the 1950's when it was rented and not so well kept.  He says it was tiny!  Does anyone know when it was demolished?

The thatched roof ot the cottage can be seen on  the right.


DEATH AND FUNERAL.--The death occured at his home, Ivy Cottage, on Sunday, September 27th, of Mr. John Plum, at the age of 82 years.  A native of Birdbrook, where he lived the whole of his life, he was well known and highly respected.  For the past 30 years he had worked in the gardens at Moyns Park, giving up a few months ago because of increasing age, and he was only confined to bed for the last three weeks.  The funeral took place on October 1st at the Parish Church, the Rev. H.V. Edmunds officiating.  Mrs. Ralling was at the organ and played suitable music as the cortege entered the church.  The hymn, 'How sweet the Name of Jesus sounds,' was sung, and on leaving the church 'O Rest in the Lord' was played.  Until a few weeks previous to his death he was a most regular attendant  at the early morning and evening services, and he was a sidesman for a number of years.  At the graveside the Rector spoke of his fine example.  His wife predeceased him many years ago.  the mourners were:  Mrs. T. Wiffen, niece; Mr. C. Plum, nephew; Mrs. C. Plum, niece; Mr. and Mrs. H. Kendal, friends.  Others present to pay their last respects were Mr. Meakin, Mr. Cook, Mr. Clarey (of the Moyns Estate), Mrs. W. Ager, Mrs. Butcher, Mrs. J. Chapman, Mrs Hunt, Mrs. Wiseman, Mrs. Ralling, Miss J. Brown and Miss Blacklock.  The lovely floral tributes were: 'From the garden of Moyns, where John Plum worked so well for 30 years'; Noel Thompson; Annie and Charlie; Old friends at Moyns - Mrs. Hunt and Miss Rigg; Captain and Mrs. J.P. Walker; A mark of respect from a few Birdbrook friends.

Taken from Haverhill Echo October 9th, 1942.  Thanks go to David James for the cutting.

This thatched building being demolished we believe was once behind Ivy Cottage you can just make out the wagon loaded with thatch. The Two Cottage roofs that can be seen I think are Brook Cottage and Wavey Cottage. The picture is from Jackie Browne's collection so presume date around 1930's.  Can anyone remember it?  We have had a suggestion that it might have been the old forge. 


The Old Rectory 


The Parsonage is known today as The Old Rectory. Sometime between 1791 and 1800 the old house was demolished and the new one built.

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