Mrs Jackie Browne has given us a fantastic selection of photographs from the 1930's reflecting the everyday life of Birdbrook Hall, the home of her grand parents, John and Maud Chapman, and the village. 


Birdbrook Hall before the very old greenhouse was demolished.

Frances Phypers outside the greenhouse.

The greenhouse is behind the wall covered in ivy, the chimney is visable.

Mrs. Andrews, Maud and John Chapman. 

Today the farm is arable, but in the 1930's it was a traditional mixed farm.

 Reg Basham delivering the milk from Birdbrook Hall's dairy.


 The binder.


Threshing very labour intensive compared with today a combine harvester does the job of the binder and threshing machine in one go.

This picture of a wagon load of hay we think is taken at the top of Fell Road.


This is a Fowler Gyrotiller.  It was a self propelled, vertical rotor, powered cultivator.  This machine may have been from the steam ploughing contractor's in Haverhill; the machine was introduced to replace steam ploughing in the late 1920's.  Thanks Grahame!

 Horses and ponies still graze these fields but sadly no cattle.


John Chapman jnr and the children of the village celebrating the coronation of King George VI.

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