Baythorne End

 At last some pictures from Baythorne End!  Thanks Keith.

The Water Mill in 1793

Baythorne Mill is today converted into a house, originally built in the 18th century and extended in the 19th century also adding a steam-engine house with chimney.  The three arched road bridge is late 18th century and built of brick and at some point has had cast-iron tie plates added.

Above the water mill today now a private house.  Notice the size of the steam engine house chimney.

Baythorne Hall 1791

Baythorne Hall is a very early, (13th century), example of a hall house.


Above the Hall as it is today.

Baythorne Park 1793

The original Baythorne Park stood near the River Stour opposite the Swan Inn.  George Pyke in 1668 built the house you can see today, reusing two overmantels and some panelling, and probably many timbers. 

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