Martha Blewit & Robert Hogan

This plaque is found in the church.  It makes you wonder what dear old Martha put in her beer!


 While seaching the internet I found this newspaper item in the American 'Boston Evening Times' for 24th of January, 1883. 

Martha Blewit

On checking records for Birdbrook Parish Church we have found two enteries for Martha.  First being in 1669.

John Nettles of Lexden & Martha Baillot widdow was married the 8 day of March.  This being her 8th husband.

Keith has found a John Nettles who was Rector of Lexdon from 1657-1669. This entry in Lexden Parish Records shows his daughter was baptised on 13th August 1660.  Could this be the John Nettles who becomes Martha's 8th husband? 

 Martha Blewitt ye wife of nyne husbands succefsively buyried eight of ym : but last of all ye woman dy'd allfore was buyrd May 7th 1681

Above the Swan Inn, once the home of Martha Blewitt, now a private house and sadly no longer a pub.  I bet those walls could tell some stories!  Picture thanks to Keith.

Robert Hogan

We have found these following enteries in Parish records for Robert Hogan.  The first is from Stebbing Parish records for January 5th 1730 and is for his 4th marriage to a Sara Myhell from Wethersfield.

The next comes from Sible Hedingham Parish records for April 3rd 1734 and is for his 5th marriage to Elizabeth Smith a widow from Castle Hedingham.

The next two records come from Birdbrook Parish records.  Martha Rogers wife number 6.  We believe the Rogers family lived in Baythorne End opposite the Swan Inn .

Below was taken from 1739 records.

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