Woman's Institute

The opening meeting for Birdbrooks WI was on Thursday, 29th January, 1920 at 2.30pm in the Church School room.  The second meeting was held at Moyns Park and the officials were chosen, President Mrs. Symonds, Vice-President Miss Payne, Treasurer Mrs. Young and Secretary Mrs. Unwin.

The following comes from the 'Ruridecanal Magazine', December, 1926:

THE WOMEN'S INSTITUTE held their monthly meeting on Thursday, November 11th, in the Church Schoolroom.  There was a co-operative tea.  Mrs. Bond gave an interesting lecture on lace-making.  A competition - peeling potatoes blindfold - was won by Mrs. Hinton, 2nd Miss D. Fitch.  The market stall was managed by Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Hasler.

'Peeling potatoes blindfold' dosen't that sound fun!

Back row 3rd from left Mrs. Dan Ralling, right end Eva Metson, next row in line with Dr. Young 3rd from left Mrs. Stephen Chapman, next row right end Edith Young, left end Sarah Metson, front row left Dot Fitch, 4th from right Daisy Wiseman nee Hinton, 3rd from right Daisy Mary Percival and the young child maybe one of her sons, 2nd from right Sarah Rawlings, right Mrs. Monty Plum.

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