Cricket Club

The following comes from the 'Ruridecanal Magazine', from May 1911, and is the first reference to a cricket club that we have found.

CRICKET - The cricket eleven has so far played three matches, against Stoke, Cornish Hall End, and Steeple Bumpstead.  The first and last ended in defeat, while the second victory crowned the efforts of Birdbrook.  We do not, however, feel that this beginning is a fair presentation of the skill of our cricket club, and look confidently to much better success in matches to come.

From November 1911 Magazine:-

PLAY UP BIRDBROOK - We give a list of cricket matches played this season, with the scores made by each side.  It will be seen that the club won five matches and lost seven matches.  The club is to be congratulated on the energy of their secretary, Mr. A. Haggart.

 May 6th Birdbrook 39 Stoke 43
 May 13th Birdbrook 92 Cornish Hall End 31
 May 20th Birdbrook 48 Steeple Bumpstead 107
 May 27th Birdbrook 44 Stoke 79
 June 3rd Birdbrook 55 Cornish Hall End 38
 June 10th Birdbrook 85 Ridgewell 80
 June 24th Birdbrook 33 Steeple Bumpstead 50 
 July 1st Birdbrook 53 Ridgewell 38
 July 8th Birdbrook 46 Haverhill Old 1 53
 July 12th Birdbrook 75 Haverhill Wed. 45
 July 22nd Birdbrook 59 Haverhill Old 1 112
 September 2nd # Birdbrook 100 Cornish Hall End 131

# Whole Day Match

I presume there were not any matches in August due to most of the players working on the land and being involved with bringing in the harvest.

Birdbrook Cricket Team dated 1930ish

Back Row: Conrad Chapman, Bill Wiseman jnr, Joe Hayes, William Ralling

Middle Row:    Dick Clark,   Fred Backler,  Stan Chapman,   Henry Coote,  Ron Kendall

Front Row:    ? Johnson,  Bill Wiseman snr,  Eddie Hinton

Thanks to S. Mason we now only need the first name for Johnson.  If anyone can help or have any other pictures or information please contact 

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