The Plough 

Prior to becoming The Plough Inn in 1867 the building was known as the 'Old House'.  It was once a single messuage or cottage divided into two tenantments or cottages this information comes from a Will dated 18th July, 1737 (not sure who's Will but will try and find out).  Charles Ralling is shown as being the owner from 1845 to his death in 1886 in both the Post Office and Kelly's Directories.  The deeds show the name changing to The Plough in 1889 probably when Charles Ralling's neice, Mrs. Harriet Blacklock became owner.  The deeds show that it was conveyed from Mrs. Blacklock on the 28th September, 1911 to Messrs. E. & H. Pilgrim ( Brewers) of Great Chesterford, and was conveyed again by them on the 3rd October, 1913 to Messrs. Watney, Comb & Reid.  It was subseqently conveyed to Benskins Watford Brewery on the 15th December 1919 who in turn conveyed it to Ind Coope on the 4th May, 1960.

Albert Pamplin and Alice Blacklocks wedding celebrations in front of the Plough.  David James supplied us with the above and below pictures, his Great Grandmother was landlady Mrs. Harriet Blacklock.   Notice the greenhouse or was it a prototype smokers shelter!  Click here for more wedding pictures  An Edwardian Wedding. 

In The Street outside The Plough notice the greenhouse, also how small and the shape of the yew tree in the corner of Yew Tree Cottages garden.  The left side of the picture can just be seen the end wall of a thatched cottage that is no longer there


The rear of The Plough.  The uniforms are that of postal workers from 1900 to 1920 confirmed by the Post Office Museum.  (Thanks Steve for your time and effort on that one.)  They are standing on the trap door to the cellar, is that a clue to what they were doing?  The postman on the right is William Ralling and the man in the centre with the bucket and stick maybe John Plum and it has been suggested that the man with the scarf, pipe and beer is Eddie Hinton.


The above picture has been sent to us by Ray Bradon.  I would like to think it is Harriet Blacklock, landlady 1889-1911, standing at the gate.  The sign above the door reads ' Harriet Blacklock, Licenced Brewer & Retailer of Beer, Spirits & Dealer of Tabacco'.

The sign in the above picture reads 'The Plough Inn, Harriet Blacklock, Licenced Retailer of Beer, Wines, Spirits & Tabacco'.  Presumably beer is no longer being brewed on the premises.  Another picture from David James's Collection.

The following is a copy of the Auctioneers invoice for the sale of The Plough by Harriet Blacklock on 28th September 1911 to E&H Pilgrim (Brewers)of Great Chesterfield.



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