Birdbrook Station & Railway Today

The following pictures are of the railway line and station as it is today and have been taken with kind permission of Mr. Peter Unwin.  Please remember the old station and line are now private property.

Whitley Bridge, the only remaining bridge connected to the railway in the village and only survives because it carries the road, the others that carried the railway line have been long since demolished.

The above picture is taken from Whitley Bridge looking towards Yeldham after the rubbish clear up!

This is just some of the rubbish that has been recently removed from under Whitley Bridge. Why go to the effort of throwing it over the bridge when you could take it to the tip?  (Sorry fly tipping is a pet hate of mine.)

Above Whitley Bridge looking towards Birdbrook Station.

Above Whitley Bridge looking towards Yeldham.

Above looking down the line towards the station.

Above the remains of the bridge in Station Road.

Above from the old bridge remains in Station Road looking towards New England.

Whitley Bridge Repairs March 2011

Above the scaffolding for the bridge repairs can be seen through the trees.  The bridge has had several cracks which have got larger over the last few years.

Above two of the work men removing bricks to repair the large cracks.

A big thanks to Paul from Haverhill for sending us these pictures.