For those that have never heard of Geocaching it is basicly 21st century treasure hunting using a computer and GPS.  A container, called a geocache, is hidden outside and the GPS co-ordinates are then registered onto a website.  Once registered anyone can download the co-ordinates and using their GPS hunt out the geocache.  The cache always contains a log for you to record your visit and depending on size items to trade, the rules being any item taken should be replaced with an item of equal or higher value.  Sometimes you might find a trackable item these can be in many forms but most common are travel bugs and geocoins they will have a number that records their movements from cache to cache.  Visits and trackable items are recorded on the website.  

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We have one geocache just within the parish boundaries and a couple more not that far away.  Here is what we found on a recent visit to Birdbrook's geocache.



Below are two examples of geocoins that we have found on our recent geocaching adventures.



This map shows the journey 'Passed 4x4' geocoin has travelled since starting out on 29/12/2009 covering 25.1 miles so far.



This map shows the travels of 'GeoDiesel' geocoin.  It set off from Bodmin, Cornwall on 8/6/2007 and has so far clocked up the grand total of 1557 miles!

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